Xylem Lowara D5 Vario
Xylem Lowara D5 Vario
Xylem Lowara D5 Vario
Xylem Lowara D5 Vario


Xylem Lowara D5 Vario

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The Xylem DDC is an electronically commutated spherical motor pump, with run times well in excess of 50,000 hours at 12 volt nominal voltage.

There is no conventional shaft with shaft bearings and shaft seals. The only moving part on a ball motor pump is a spherically shaped rotor/impeller assembly supported on an ultra-hard, wear-resistant ceramic bearing ball. The bearing is thus self-adjusting. Due to the principle, bearing play - and thus an increase in noise - is not possible. The pump therefore remains quiet throughout its entire service life.

The bearing is lubricated directly by the pumped liquid (glandless pump). This eliminates the need for maintenance. Blocking of the pump is not possible under normal conditions. A safe start-up is possible without any problems even after a longer standstill.

The permanent-magnet rotor/impeller unit is driven by a magnetic field generated by the surrounding stator. This is completely built around the rotor, so that a complex, separate magnetic shield is not required in most cases. The complete pump is very copact, and at 39 mm only slightly higher than the stator itself.

The spherical motor principle allows economical operation with comparatively high outputs. By varying the voltage, the DDC DC pump can be easily controlled over a wide power range. All wetted parts are completely corrosion resistant. The speed of the pump can be queried directly via a tachometer Output.

Technical Data:

Dimensions: (LxWxH) 92 x 70 x 39mm
Motor type: Electronically commutated spherical Motor
Rated voltage: 12 V DC
Starting current: up to 4.5 A (short-time)
Power consumption: 18 W
delivery height at 12V: 5,2m
max. delivery rate: 1000L/h
Pumping media: water, water-glycol mixtures
max. System temperature: 60° C
system pressure: max. 1,5 bar
connections: 2x 3/8" hose nozzle,
Power connector: 4-Pin Molex, 4-Pin PWM

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