Nice that you found us and found out about who we are and what we do. Let's briefly introduce:

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The organizer

Organizer with responsibility for the strategic orientation of the company. Through his ability to stay on top of things and make smart decisions, we ensure that we achieve our goals and achieve long-term success.

Stealkey Customs

As a team, we complement each other perfectly and use our individual strengths to make Stealkey Customs a little bit better every day. We are therefore manufacturers of high-quality expansion tanks (distroplates, reservoirs and waterblocks) for water-based cooling systems in the computer industry. Our products are characterized by technical sophistication and optical aesthetics and are manufactured both in small series developed in-house and according to individual customer requirements. With our own on-site production facility in Rostock, a northern German Hanseatic city on the Baltic Sea, we can respond flexibly to the requirements of our customers.

We've known each other since 5th grade



1 | production

2 | The Rostock location

3 | An all-round carefree package

4 | distribution

5 | Our target group

1 | production


to the highest standards

We trust in the quality of our reservoirs and rely on our own production. In our workshop, we use our CNC machines to manufacture individual one-offs, series production for companies and end customers, as well as prototypes and further developments. Our location in Rostock plays an important role here, because it not only serves as a production site, but also as a research and development center.


A center of innovation and research

The Rostock location plays a crucial role for Stealkey Customs. Our own production facility and our research and development center are located in this northern German Hanseatic city on the Baltic Sea. Thanks to our local presence, we are able to respond flexibly to the requirements of our customers and ensure fast and efficient production.

3 | An all-round carefree package

Stealkey Customs takes care of your computer design

Since 2018 we have gained extensive experience in the areas of machines, materials, customer requests and program knowledge. As a result, we are well equipped to manufacture a large number of high-quality expansion tanks. From the conception of the direction of flow of the coolant to the foil covering of the expansion tanks, we are able to meet all wishes.

4 | distribution

Partnerships with leading dealers

Our distribution takes place via various specialized trading platforms in Germany, which currently dominate the market, including Caseking GmbH, Aquatuning GmbH and Mifcom. We also rely on open communication and can be reached via various channels. So far, our customers have become aware of us through our presence and activities on social media platforms, where we show them all facets of our products and our everyday work, with ups, downs, successes and failures.

5 | Our target group

Gaming enthusiasts between the ages of 20 and 50

The market for computer games and accessories has grown steadily in Germany, especially during the pandemic. The rising popularity of esports competitions and PC build events has fueled this trend. Our target group is primarily end customers between 20 and 50 years of age from the computer games scene. The computer is the second most popular gaming platform in this country after mobile phones, and in 2019 alone around 2.354 billion euros were invested in gaming hardware, which underlines the significant influence and enormous growth potential of the gaming industry.