Universale Distroplate 120D für D5 Pumpe oder DDC Pumpe
SK-UNI 120D Distroplate D-RGB - Black Edition
SK-UNI 120D Distroplate D-RGB - Black Edition
SK-UNI 120D Distroplate D-RGB - Black Edition
SK-UNI 120D Distroplate D-RGB - Black Edition
SK-UNI 120D Distroplate D-RGB - Black Edition

Stealkey Customs

SK-UNI 120D Distroplate D-RGB - Black Edition

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The Stealkey Customs UNI 120D is a custom distro plate designed to serve as a reservoir, coolant routing, and pump solution for any case with a 120 mm fan mounting.
Perfect solution for your water cooling, it is mounted on the fan bracket or in front of radiators with our spacers. Ideally suited for small cases. With its dimensions of only 120 x 120 mm, the UNI 120D is a particularly compact pump combo distroplate with D-RGB lighting. The classy design enhances your gaming setup. The UNI 120D allows you to seamlessly connect the CPU to the top radiator.

Features in detail

The distroplate is intended to be used on the 120 mm fan space on the back or side air space in front of the mainboard of your PC case.
The addressable D-RGB LED strip runs the entire length of the distroplate, while a black pom cover hides the unwanted LED hotspots. The integrated addressable LED strip connects to the motherboard's 5V header. It is also compatible with MSI MYSTIC LIGHT SYNC, ASROCK POLYCHROME SYNC, ASUS AURA SYNC and GIGABYTE RGB FUSION 2 software for a coordinated lighting effect.

We are especially proud of our backlit lettering "STEALKEY". Distroplate mounting is so easy to do as it has standard 120mm fan mounting holes. You use the included screws for a secure hold in the case. There are 6x G1/4" connectors available so you can make your setup very flexible. It's best that way so everyone can see the "UNI" because it's made of high quality acrylic, the RGB bar on the side is made of black POM and the seals are made of EPDM and makes a damn noble impression.

Stealkey Customs RGB

Features at a glance

• addressable RGB stripe incl.
• 6x G1/4“- Ports
• Standard 120mm fan mounting holes for easy installation
• noble materials
• universal for D5 pump & DDC pump
• Pumpen Combo Distroplate

Technical details

• Product dimensions:(B x H x T): 120 x 120 x 31 mm
• Color: Black and Transparent
• Material: acrylic, plastic
• Ports: 6x G1/4"

Delivery scope

• 1x UNI 120D
• 4x Mounting screws
• 1x D5 ring

Important notice

  • Compatible with any case that has a 120mm fan mount.
  • The DDC pump or D5 pump is water lubricated and must not run dry; otherwise permanent bearing damage may occur.
  • Fittings Please only screw hand-tight into the distroplate, do not use a wrench. Danger: If the fittings are too tight, the acrylic may crack and leak!

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Sieht genauso aus wie erwartet. Gut verarbeitet. Einzige Kritikpunkte: Die Schrauben zur Befestigung an der Rückseite müssen kürzer sein. Ich musste auf andere Schrauben ausweichen, da die originalen nicht ausreichend weit hineingeschraubt werden konnten (Gehäuse: Evolv X). Außerdem fehlen die Bemaßungen für den unteren Anschluss (Auslass/Rückfluss).
Ansonsten ist alles perfekt.