Stealkey - UNI 120 Pump Combo D5 PWM D-RGB - Acryl
Stealkey - UNI 120 Pump Combo D5 PWM D-RGB - Acryl
Stealkey - UNI 120 Pump Combo D5 PWM D-RGB - Acryl

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Stealkey - UNI 120 Pump Combo D5 PWM D-RGB - Acryl

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A new product series with something for EVERYONE. The UNI Distroplates / Reservoirs should enable you to have a compact, solid and yet versatile cooling circuit.

features in detail

The addressable D-RGB lighting ensures an outstanding look. We are particularly proud of our backlit lettering "STEALKEY". Mounting the reservoir is so easy to do as it features standard 120mm fan mounting holes. You use the supplied screws for a secure hold in the housing. There are 7x G1/4" connections available, so you can design your setup very flexibly. It's best so that everyone can see the "UNI", because it was made of high-quality acrylic, the RGB bar on the side is black POM and the seals are made of EPDM and make a damn noble impression.

Features at a glance

• addressable RGB stripe incl.
• 7x G1/4“ connections
• Standard 120mm fan mounting holes for easy installation
• noble materials
• universal adapter for D5 & DDC
Technical details

• Product dimensions: (W x H x D): 120 x 120 x 31 mm
• Color: Clear
• Material: acrylic glass, plastic
• Connections: 7x G1/4" ports


• Dimensions: (LxWxH) 65x65x57mm
• Design: Electronically commutated spherical motor
• Materials: Stainless steel 1.4571, PPS-GF40, EPDM O-rings, aluminum oxide, hard carbon
• Rated voltage: 12V DC
• Power consumption: max. 35W• Permitted voltage range: 8-24V DC
• Head at 12V: 3.7m
• Maximum flow rate: 1500l/h • Pump medium: water, water-glycol mixtures
• Max. system temperature: 60°C
• System pressure: max. 1.5 bar
• Power connector: 4pin Molex
• Speedometer signal: yes (via 3pin Molex)
• PWM: no

scope of delivery

• 1x UNI 120
• 4x mounting screws
• 1x universal adapter for D5 & DDC
• 1x D5 pump

Mounting instructions

Installation Manual EN

Important note

  • Compatible with any case that features a 120mm fan mount.
  • The DDC/D5 pump is water-lubricated and must not run dry; otherwise, it may result in permanent bearing damage.
  • Tighten fittings into the distroplate by hand only, without using a wrench. Risk: Acrylic may crack, leading to potential leaks.