Hyte Y60 x Stealkey EXP|60|Distroplate
Hyte Y60 x Stealkey EXP|60|Distroplate
Hyte Y60 x Stealkey EXP|60|Distroplate
Hyte Y60 x Stealkey EXP|60|Distroplate
Hyte Y60 x Stealkey EXP|60|Distroplate

Stealkey Customs

Hyte Y60 x Stealkey EXP|60|Distroplate

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The HYTE Y60 - EXP|60| Distroplate: Masterpiece of Form and Function

Dive into the world of ultimate PC cooling

The EXP|60| Distroplate is the perfect addition to your HYTE Y60 case and sets new standards for custom PC cooling. We made it from high quality materials like Plexiglas, EPDM gaskets, powder coated steel and POM to ensure durability and quality.

A piece of cake: Easy to connect

No more complicated installations! The G1/4 threads make connecting your cooling components a breeze.

Ultimate performance: GPU & CPU support

The EXP|60| Distroplate has four channels and one chamber for optimal cooling performance. Check out our installation guide for step-by-step instructions on how to connect the distroplate perfectly for the best water flow. Trust our detailed instructions to keep your custom loop running smoothly and efficiently.

Flexible pump compatibility: D5 & DDC

Whether you prefer a D5 or DDC pump, the EXP|60| Distroplate has you covered. We even provide you with the D5 pump adapter including D5 pump seal for easy installation.

Stability and quietness: vibration damping

Thanks to our smart design, the distroplate is attached via a mounting bar in the upper part of the case. 3D-printed vibration dampers ensure a stable fit and quiet operation of your cooling system.

Accessories for perfection

In addition to the mounting system and the D5 pump adapter including gasket, you get 2 stuffing fittings to close the inlet and outlet as needed.

Ambience in a class of its own: RGB lighting

The EXP|60| Distroplate not only fulfills your individual PC cooling dreams, but also creates the perfect ambiance for gaming enthusiasts with its integrated RGB lighting.

Ready for the best? Get the EXP|60| Distroplate now

Experience the fusion of style and performance in your HYTE Y60 case. Get the EXP|60| Distroplate now and enter the world of ultimate PC cooling!

Stealkey Customs RGB

Features at a glance

• exclusively for Hyte Y60
• maximum compatibility for CPU, GPU and 2 radiators (top & side next to motherboard)
• Mounting kit for ideal fit in the housing
• precious materials
• prepared for D5 & DDC pumps
• Pumps Combo Distroplate
• integrated RGB lighting

Technical details

• Product dimensions (B x H x T): 90 x 316 x 32,5 mm
• Color: Black and Transparent
• Material: plexiglass, POM, powder coated steel, PLU rubber holder
• Connections: 11x G1/4 inch connections
• Reservoir capacity: 140 ml
• Radiator compatibility: up to 1 x 360 mm and 1x 240 mm • D-RGB connector standard 3-pin (+5V, Data, Blocked, Ground)

Scope of delivery

• 1x Hyte Y60 x Stealkey EXP|60|Distroplate incl. RGB
• 1x Montagekit (upper steel holder, lower 3D printed rubber holder, screws).
• 2x Plug

Important note

  • Compatible with the HYTE Y60 version.
  • Please verify the dimensions of the product to ensure compatibility with your hardware.
  • The DDC or D5 pump is water-lubricated and should not run dry; otherwise, it can cause permanent bearing damage.
  • When attaching fittings to the distroplate, please only hand-tighten them and avoid using a wrench. Caution: Over-tightening the fittings can cause the acrylic to crack and result in leaks.

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