SK-UNI 360D Distroplate D-RGB Black Edition
SK-UNI 360D Distroplate D-RGB Black Edition
SK-UNI 360D Distroplate D-RGB Black Edition
SK-UNI 360D Distroplate D-RGB Black Edition
SK-UNI 360D Distroplate D-RGB Black Edition
SK-UNI 360D Distroplate D-RGB Black Edition

Stealkey Customs

SK-UNI 360D Distroplate D-RGB Black Edition

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The Stealkey Customs UNI 360D Distroplate offers a variety of features that make it an indispensable component of any water cooling system. As a reservoir, efficient coolant distribution system, and pump solution (compatible with D5 & DDC pumps), it is perfectly suited to ensure optimal delivery of the coolant.
The pump is located on the front side, allowing the UNI 360D to be mounted directly onto the 360mm fan bracket without additional brackets.

Not only does this save space, but it also significantly simplifies installation. With dimensions of 360x120mm, the UNI 360D presents itself as an exceptionally compact pump-combo-distroplate. Its sleek design, combined with the pre-installed D-RGB lighting, adds aesthetically pleasing visuals to any water cooling system.
The use of high-quality materials such as glossy black material combined with a transparent front panel ensures not only aesthetic enhancement but also high quality and durability of the distroplate. With a capacity of 265ml, the UNI 360D provides sufficient capacity for efficient cooling of GPU (horizontal/vertical), CPU, and up to 2 radiators. This ensures optimal delivery of the coolant and thus reliable cooling performance.

The arrangement of ports on the UNI 360D allows for easy use of straight tubing, further simplifying the installation and operation of the water cooling system. The UNI 360D has been designed to fit into all cases with a 360mm fan mounting, regardless of the manufacturer (Lian Li, Phanteks, Fractal, etc.).

Features in detail

The Stealkey Customs UNI 360D Distroplate has been designed with a sleek design and efficient use of space to provide maximum capacity for powerful cooling. The distroplate is optimally prepared for the installation of D5 and DDC pumps, allowing the use of covers for these pump models. The placement of the pump in the UNI360D has been designed to fit into all cases, especially those of the Phanteks (NV9/NV7/NV5) brand, without colliding with the lower radiator bracket. This ensures a smooth installation and use of the distroplate.

The use of high-quality materials is a top priority at Stealkey Customs. Consistently high quality and durability of the products are guaranteed.

During CNC milling of our products, only flood cooling is used to achieve clean milling quality and maximum gloss effect. This flood cooling process replaces additional surface treatments, such as flame polishing, which could induce material stresses and affect durability.

After milling, all distroplates are professionally cleaned to remove any grease or debris residues. Food-grade seals compliant with FDA guidelines are used to ensure compatibility with all commercially available pastel and transparent cooling fluids.

The assembly is done with careful handcrafting, using Torx M3 stainless steel screws for their subtle appearance and high durability.
The UNI 360D is equipped with an addressable D-RGB LED strip that runs along the entire length and is covered by a black POM cover to eliminate unwanted LED hotspots. The integrated LED strip can be seamlessly connected to the motherboard's 3-pin 5V header and is compatible with leading RGB software solutions.

Stealkey Customs RGB

Features at a glance

• addressable RGB stripe incl. 3 Pin
• Versatile functionality (pump-combo-distroplate)
• Front-mounted pump
• Slim and compact design
• Mounting on 360 mm standard fan slot
• High-quality materials
• Universal compatibility (D5 & DDC Pump)

Technical details

• Product dimensions:(B x H x T): 120 x 360 x 33 mm
• Color: Black and Transparent
• Material: acrylic, plastic
• Ports: 14x G1/4"-Ports
• Fill volume: 265ml
• D-RGB Cable length: 500mm

Delivery scope

• 1x UNI 360D
• 12x M3x6mm Mounting screws
• 1x D5 ring
• 1x D5 O-ring

Important notice

  • Kompatibel mit jedem Gehäuse das eine 360mm Lüfterhalterung besitz wie Phantaks NV9, NV7 und NV5 oder Lian Li PC-O11 D EVO XL , EVO & EVO RGB, no XL und Vision.
  • The DDC pump or D5 pump is water lubricated and must not run dry; otherwise permanent bearing damage may occur.
  • Fittings Please only screw hand-tight into the distroplate, do not use a wrench. Danger: If the fittings are too tight, the acrylic may crack and leak!