SK HF Fitting 14 mm G1/4 AG Black
SK HF Fitting 14 mm G1/4 AG Black

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SK HF Fitting 14 mm G1/4 AG Black

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To connect hard tubes with the desired components, fittings are required. Our SK-HTF fitting features a textured surface that facilitates the assembly process.

First, unscrew the union nut along with the O-ring inside it. The fitting can then be screwed onto any component with a G1/4" thread. Slide the union nut onto the deburred hard tube, followed by attaching the remaining O-ring. Insert the hard tube fully into the fitting until it reaches the stop. Lastly, tighten the union nut onto the fitting. It is important to ensure that the rubber seal sits tightly against the connection for a proper seal.

These steps provide guidance on how to assemble the SK-HTF fitting to connect hard tubes securely while ensuring a clean and effective seal.