SK-Crossflow Distroplate PC-O11D EVO XL D-RGB - Acryl
SK-Crossflow Distroplate PC-O11D EVO XL D-RGB - Acryl
SK-Crossflow Distroplate PC-O11D EVO XL D-RGB - Acryl
SK-Crossflow Distroplate PC-O11D EVO XL D-RGB - Acryl
SK-Crossflow Distroplate PC-O11D EVO XL D-RGB - Acryl
SK-Crossflow Distroplate PC-O11D EVO XL D-RGB - Acryl

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SK-Crossflow Distroplate PC-O11D EVO XL D-RGB - Acryl

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The "SK-CROSSFLOW DISTROPLATE - ACRYL-LIAN LI - O11D XL EVO" is a reservoir, as well as a distroplate and pump solution.
It was specifically designed to provide a customized water cooling solution for the O11D case series by Lian Li O11D, Lian Li O11D XL and das Lian Li O11D EVO.

It is versatile and supports a wide range of hardware and radiator options. In total, there are 13 ports available for connecting the GPU and CPU, providing ample connectivity. Therefore, the distribution plate can also be used in numerous other cases that are not manufactured by Lian Li. A special highlight of the "Crossflow" is its RGB lighting. The D-RGB panel can be mounted on both the left and right sides. Additionally, the distroplate is compatible with D5 and DDC pumps.

Features in detail

The installation of the distroplate is effortless due to the provided threads on the back. There are 8x M3 threads available for attaching the distroplate to the fan bracket, making the mounting process convenient.
In addition to its high compatibility with many cases, our distroplate also offers the option to install D-RGB lighting. For RGB enthusiasts, we have something truly special. The black anodized aluminum strip can be easily installed on both the left and right sides of the Crossflow, allowing for a seamless integration into the build according to personal preference.
The two GPU connection options provide maximum flexibility for slot allocation on the motherboard, making it easier to accommodate hard tubing configurations.
The Crossflow can connect the following components together: 2 radiators (1 radiator at the top and 1 radiator at the bottom), CPU, and GPU.
Due to the integrated pump adapter, D5 or DDC pumps can be installed. Thus, you can choose for yourself which pump you want to use.

Stealkey Customs RGB

Features at a glance

case can be used independently (note product dimensions!)
• maximum compatibility for CPU, GPU and 2 radiators (top & bottom)
• D-RGB-stripe inkl.
• Standard 120mm fan mounting holes for easy installation
• Noble materials
• prepared for D5 & DDC pumps
• pump Combo Distroplate

Technical details

• Product dimensions (B x H x T): 121 x 327 x 33 mm
• color: black und transparent
• materials: Acrylglas, Kunststoff, eloxiertes Aluminium
• Ports: 13x G1/4
• Capacity: 215 ml

Scope of delivery

• 1x Crossflow Distroplate inkl. D-RGB
• 8x Mounting screws

Assembly instructions

Installation Manual EN

Important note

  • Compatible with any case that has a 120 x 360mm fan bracket.
  • Please verify the dimensions of the product to ensure compatibility with your hardware.
  • The DDC or D5 pump is water-lubricated and should not run dry; otherwise, it can cause permanent bearing damage.
  • When attaching fittings to the distroplate, please only hand-tighten them and avoid using a wrench. Caution: Over-tightening the fittings can cause the acrylic to crack and result in leaks.