Lian Li 011D Evo "C1 EVO" Distroplate
Lian Li 011D Evo "C1 EVO" Distroplate
Lian Li 011D Evo "C1 EVO" Distroplate
Lian Li 011D Evo "C1 EVO" Distroplate
Lian Li 011D Evo "C1 EVO" Distroplate
Lian Li 011D Evo "C1 EVO" Distroplate
Lian Li 011D Evo "C1 EVO" Distroplate
Lian Li 011D Evo "C1 EVO" Distroplate

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Lian Li 011D Evo "C1 EVO" Distroplate

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The Lian Li 011D EVO is launched and with it our Distroplate "C1 EVO".
The case amazes with its versatility. In addition to the option of installing the graphics card vertically or upright, the entire housing can be turned upside down, and with it our distroplate! A reverse setup is possible in no time.

Features in detail

The water channels are arranged in such a way that there is always a clean build. There are three independent channels with a total of 18x G1/4" ports to connect the CPU, GPU and up to 3x 360mm radiators with each other. Our "C1 EVO" is mounted behind the tempered glass pane. There are standard holes in the frame of the housing, which means that our Distroplate can be easily fixed with only 4 screws. The Distroplate comes with a pre-installed RGB Stripe. This ensures a nice ambience in the gaming room and gives our "C1 EVO" that certain something. A new universal pump adapter now allows the installation of a D5 or DDC pump. Free choice, no additional costs! The filling of the Distroplate is very easy to do when installed. All you have to do is remove the tempered glass pane. The filling hole is in the upper area. As usual, we rely on the most transparent look possible. Only the chambers and reservoirs are first roughed with our CNC machines and then finished in the second pass, giving them a slightly milled finish.

Mit der installierten Distroplate beträgt die maximale Radiatordicke wie folgt:

  • Top: 48 mm + max. 25 mm fan thickness
  • Bottom: 48 mm + max. 25 mm fan thickness
  • Side: 50 mm + max. 25 mm fan thickness

  • Stealkey Customs RGB

    Features at a glance

    • can be used inverted
    • addressable RGB stripe incl.
    • 18x G1/4” ports distributed over 3 channels & 1 reservoir
    • four screws for quick assembly
    • universal adapter for D5 & DDC

    Technical details

    • Product dimensions: Dimensions with adapter (B x H x T): 402 x 207 x 36 mm
    • Color: Clear
    • Material: Acrylic Glass, Plastic
    • Connections: 18x G1/4" Ports

    Delivery scope

    • 1x Lian Li Evo "C1 EVO"
    • 4x mounting screws
    • 1x universeller Adapter for D5 & DDC

    Assembly Instructions

    Installation manual EN

    Important note

    • Compatible only with Lian Li PC-O11D Evo case.
    • The DDC pump or D5 pump is water lubricated and must not run dry; otherwise permanent bearing damage may occur.
    • The PC case is for display purposes only and does not come with the product.
    • Fittings Please only screw hand-tight into the distroplate, do not use a wrench. Danger: If the fittings are too tight, the acrylic may crack and leak!