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With the new HEATKILLER RAD series, we are expanding our range with high-quality mesh radiators. The new radiators are available in two different thicknesses, with the Small (S) RADs being 30mm thick and the Large (L) RADs being 48mm thick. In addition to optimized performance, our new radiators are also characterized by their compact dimensions and the high-quality workmanship typical of Watercool.

Finishing and quality control in Germany

In cooperation with a well-known manufacturer from Asia, we have succeeded in creating a powerful network radiator with a unique look. The cooling cores are manufactured strictly according to our specifications. The radiator housing is produced directly on site in Waren, which means that the finishing and quality control ultimately take place in Germany.

High cooling performance over the entire speed range

The aim of the development was to produce competitive radiators with a wide performance range. Accordingly, the HEATKILLER RAD already shows a very good cooling performance with slowly rotating fans, which scales excellently with increasing speed. For maximum cooling performance, the HEATKILLER RAD can of course also be used in push/pull mode.

The best raw materials in use

Only high-quality raw materials are used as the basis for the HEATKILLER RAD. The antechamber is made of brass and the cooling network and its channels are made of copper. Depending on the version, the side parts are lasered from 1mm thick sheet steel or stainless steel and then brushed or powder-coated in black or white. The front sides are made of brushed stainless steel and contribute significantly to the exclusive look of our HEATKILLER RAD.

Easy integration into the cooling circuit

The integration into the circuit is done with two standard G1/4 inch threads. The connections required for this are not included in the scope of delivery. The manufactured thread passages ensure easy screwing and high strength. The narrow width of only 120mm ensures maximum flexibility.

Technical data: HEATKILLER RAD-L 240

Dimensions: 278x120x48mm
Weight: 1.1 kg
Color white
Connections: 2 x G¼" thread
Fan compatibility: up to 4 x 120mm fans (push-pull)
Radiator mount: M3

Color: white
Fan size: 120x120mm
Strength: 48mm
shipping weight: 1.20kg
Item weight: 1.20 kg