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As the main component of a water cooling system, we have paid special attention to our HEATKILLER FLUID. The ready-to-use mixture is straightforward to use and causes no problems with different materials.

Multi-filtered osmosis water

Multi-filtered osmosis water is used as an elementary component of HEATKILLER FLUID. Osmosis water is water in its cleanest form and completely free of impurities such as pesticides, chlorine, microparticles or similar. As a result, unwanted deposits and impurities such as limescale are a thing of the past.

Selected composition ensures high compatibility

The osmosis water is supplemented with selected additives that ensure high compatibility with different materials. A combination of plastics and metals such as brass, copper, nickel, stainless steel and chrome plating therefore do not pose a problem in the water cooling circuit.

The unique composition also reduces the formation of bubbles and therefore optimizes the thermal transition on the surfaces through improved flow behaviour, which leads to optimum cooling performance in the system.

Made in Germany

Manufactured entirely in Germany in compliance with the highest quality standards.

Technical data:
Contents: 1000ml in non-slip bottle
Specification: Ready-mix
Color: Transparent, not UV active