Baltic Fuel Performance Coolant | Red 1000ml
Baltic Fuel Performance Coolant | Red 1000ml

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Baltic Fuel Performance Coolant | Red 1000ml

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The Baltic Fuel is a ready mix. In order for water cooling to work, the thermal energy must be transported away from the component using a suitable heat transfer fluid. Our Baltic Fuel guarantees efficient heat transfer, protects the PC water cooling circuit from corrosion damage, decomposition of various noble and base metals, slows down the formation of algae and also has extremely low electrical conductivity. Plastics such as acrylic, acetal, NBR, etc. are not attacked. The Baltic Fuel is particularly durable, at the same time very environmentally friendly and biodegradable. For high-performance applications, it is advisable to replace the coolant after one year.

Colour: red
No hazardous goods and no hazardous substance. NWWG